11 Types of Facebook Ads

Ad Types for Each Objective
Before we create our first campaign, it’s crucial to better understand the different Facebook ad types.
Throughout the years, Facebook has carefully adjusted its advertising offering to better suit the needs of its users. Whatever your campaign’s objective is, there’s a type of ad for it!

Traffic and Leads for Your Website
One of the most common purposes of Facebook Advertising is driving traffic to your website. This can be either to increase your site’s overall reach or to send users to a dedicated landing page and have them buy your product, sign up for a newsletter, or participate in some other kind of lead generation. Here’s a breakdown of which Facebook ad types best suit your specific needs.

Likes & Engagement for Your Page
All Facebook ad types are great for Facebook Marketing. You can use them to increase the number of Likes on your page and to increase the reach of the content you post there. 

Due to recent updates, the usual post on your page will only organically reach an average of 2-6% of your fan base. Promoting your posts is a great way to be sure that all your fans see your message.

Installs for Mobile or Desktop Apps
Since the launch of its mobile application, Facebook has become one of the biggest players in the mobile advertising space. Mobile App Install ads present a unique opportunity to bring in new mobile app users on both Android and iOS.

Recently, Facebook also introduced a new Ad Type to drive usage to your Facebook App inside Facebook. If you’re trying to promote your mobile app, these ad units are designed for that specific purpose.

Visitors for Your Store or Event
Let’s close our roundup of Facebook ad types with two units well suited to drive visitors to your physical event or store. It’s always more complex to measure results for offline promotions, but if used correctly and targeted well, these ads can perform really well.

Source: Adespresso.com

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