The Content Marketing Trends On Social Media In 2015

The year 2014 has witnessed a number of developments and improvements in the domain of social media. Now, a clear cut plan needs to be chalked out for 2015. In 2014, Facebook Inc. has successfully maintained its position and brand value. The Infographic, Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015, focuses on content marketing and social engagement. A lot of changes are expected in the domain of social media this year.

Real-time marketing is always the best method for marketing, but it has chances of either huge gain or a huge loss. Thus, 2015 should be more planned. Right time marketing strategy should be adopted this time. The infographic depicts that sharing of the right content at the right time should be the primary focus. 36% of the real-time marketing should be focused on creating fresh and timely content. 24% of it should be about reaching out to the consumers across digital touchpoints. 18% should be invested in finding a steady stream of relevant content and 17% should be about focusing on the use of social media for content marketing.
Facebook marketing 2015
The second image shows that more money should be invested in advertisements on social media. As Facebook organic reach is bound to decline further, advertisers are left with no other option but to pay for the reach. But the moment an advertiser pays for its advertisements it is certain that the contents are reaching thousands of fans, consequently creating more engagement and interaction. Thus, gradually marketers have started adopting Pay-for-Play strategy to ensure their updates are reaching as many people as possible.
In the third image, content marketing continues to grow; the chart demonstrates the increase that is going to take place in the budget for content creation in 2015. In 2015, the budget for creating content is expected to rise up by 59% in 2015 as the 69% more content would be created this year as compared to 2014. This increase in the budget will also make the marketers lay stress on measuring the ROI and also the effectiveness of the content they have created and published.
social media content marketing trend 2015
The fourth image focuses on the importance of videos on social media. Despite YouTube being the primary site of video sharing it has been outnumbered by Facebook in terms of desktop video views in August, 2014. This is also another sign for the marketers which they need to identify as video content is gaining momentum in the market with the improved internet infrastructure across the globe. Marketers should also come up with good marketing videos and publish them on Facebook and other social networking sites as well.
Social media engagement 2015
The fifth image shows that though Facebook is still the giant, other social networking sites and apps have gained prominence in the last one year, especially when it comes to ‘engagement’. On Instagram, which is owned by Facebook itself, engagement of posts is up by 416%. This phenomenal growth has taken place in just two years. On the other hand, 2014 recorded 10 million visitors each on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. This is also alarming for Facebook, which needs to come up with better business strategies this year to hold its roots strong on the ground.
Source: Dazeinfo


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